Red Bull Freezride 2002
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Red Bull Freezride: A Look Back In Time!

Back in 2002 I was in journalism school. Even then, I was obsessed with mountain biking. I tried to make it to as many events as I could. One of those events was the Red Bull Freezride, and at the time it was so new and exciting I decided I wanted to write an article about it for one of my classes. It was being held at the Whitefish Mountain Resort in Montana. As luck would have it, Red Bull was accommodating and gave me a media pass to the to 2002 edition of the event. I wrote the article and it ended up in my school or class paper (I can’t remember which).

From what I remember, the event only lasted a few seasons, but back then it was way out of the ordinary. These were the days before fat bikes. Riding on snow, let alone doing jumps and tricks on it, was pretty much unheard of.

RedBull FreezeRide 2002
The RedBull Freezride was ahead of its time back in 2002. (Luke Marshall/RideSphere)

Recently, as I was looking through some old boxes, I came across a copy of that article I wrote in 2002. I’ve attached a PDF of it below for your viewing pleasure. Just click the button to open up a PDF version of the original newsprint article.

For those of you old enough to remember the Red Bull Freezride it will be a blast from the past! For the younger crowd, it will be a window into what things were like when mountain biking was a much younger sport and freeriding was just getting its footing.

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